List Of Best Biscuit Brands In India


When it comes to food, snacking is a necessity, and teatime treats like namkeens and cookies are a requirement in every home. Given that we are discussing snacks, don’t you think that, among all food types, cookies and biscuits are the most widely consumed? If so, you’re in luck since this post will inform you about the best biscuit brands in India that you should try. Continue reading for a list of Indian biscuit producers.


Parle G must be associated with many childhood memories for every Indian youngster, which speaks volumes about the power of the business. One of the top biscuit brands in India is Parle. Every Indian home has used this brand of biscuits since 1929. Since you’ve undoubtedly seen Parle G since you were a youngster and through your children, it is not just the most well-known biscuit brand in India but also the entire world, and its legacy is only getting stronger. In our nation, this biscuit evokes memories of being consumed with tea, milk, or even just plain water.

After being produced for more than 90 years, it stands for quality, nutrient content, and outstanding flavour. According to a report, 4551 Parle-G biscuits are consumed in India at any one moment. Parle was the first Indian brand to achieve 5,000 crores in retail sales. Even though Parle is best known for its Parle-G, the company also manufactures a wide range of other biscuits, including 20-20, Monaco (a distinctive sweet and salty combo), Milk Shakti, Hides and Seeks, Marie, Happy Happy, Krackjack, and many others.



ITC’s Indian trademark Sunfeast is known for its high-quality, creative, and nutritious biscuits. It debuted in India in 2003 and now operates in several sectors, including hospitality, paperboard and packaging, agriculture, and information technology. Slowly it became one of the best biscuit brands in India. The popular Indian cookie brand Sunfeast is associated with feelings of joy, contentment, fulfilment, and pleasure. The additional food items sold by Sunfeast are things like Marie light, Mom’s Magic, Bounce, Bourbon Bless, Dark Fantasy, and so forth.



One of the best biscuit brands in India, Britannia, was founded in the early 1890s. This biscuit company has been making a concerted effort to satisfy consumers since the late 19th century. This may be the reason for the brand’s enormous success and popularity on the national and international levels. Britannia has expanded its business networks throughout all of India in addition to securing a strong presence in the international food market by opening operations in more than sixty nations. Kolkata serves as the company’s headquarters, while the key manufacturing facilities are spread out over the entire nation. Only in India is there a yearly production of over 400 000 biscuits.

Britannia has undoubtedly established very high standards for other Indian biscuit makers while taking into account this manufacturing rate.



This unique and one of the best biscuit brands in India was established in 1994. It will have spent 25 years as a well-known name in the Indian food sector by 2020. The business has prospered for the past 25 years by offering the public delectable cookies and snacks that leave a lifelong imprint on the palate. 

Anmol has made tremendous progress to rank among the top biscuit brands in India. People all around the country choose Anmol biscuit goods over evening tea since the baked cookies come in a variety of flavours and textures. Numerous sizable industrial facilities have been established since its founding in prestigious cities. It is now the finest business in the nation for selling branded cookies because of its wide selection of delicacies. The Anmol firm produces 61 distinct types of biscuits, and as a result, it has grown to be the fourth-largest food manufacturer in the nation. It is included in the top 10 Indian biscuit companies list as a result.



One of the most well-known biscuit brands in India is Patanjali, which also produces many other natural goods. Under the slogan “Prakriti ka Ashirwad,” which translates to “benefit of nature,” Patanjali produces wholesome and premium herbal cookies. The company developed a specific line of biscuits for blood sugar or diabetes patients since they were unable to consume biscuits. Additionally, it produces delectable high-fibre biscuits. The company produces a variety of biscuits, including Patanjali Doodh, Natkhat, Nutty Delite, Patanjali Oats, Top Lite, and Butter Cookie making it one of the best biscuit brands in India. 



With over 30 variations, including seven sugar-free flavours, Unibic is a well-known biscuit brand in India. In the luxury cookie industry, Unibic competes with its rich and flavorful cookies. Unibic offers a wide range of goods that can be generally categorised as chocolate, butter, milk, savoury, and healthy.

It contains plain oats, which support weight loss, and is heavy in fibre and carbs. Anzac and Bradman cookies launched Unibic in 2004, which sells digestive biscuits, chocolate and indulgence biscuits, nuts and snack bars, sugar-free biscuits, and a healthier selection of biscuits. Butter, butter cashew, coconut, oatmeal, and Jamz cookies are among Unibic’s offerings.


Ceramica Biscuits

Another popular brand of biscuits in India is Ceramica. Over 61 nations throughout the world are served by Ceramica, which has never compromised on quality while providing the most opulent and expensive items. These biscuits are the perfect fusion of flavour and health because they contain oats. It includes delicious recipes to suit everyone’s palate. If you prefer chocolate, you ought to try their Magic Cream biscuit. A chocolate lover’s fantasy, it is. The biscuit manufacturer never uses artificial colours or preservatives. The company sells a variety of biscuits under its name, including Butter Cookies, Choco Bico, Butter Gold, Coconut Cookies, Oatmeal, Golden Bytes, Glucose, and Pasta Almonds.


The production of biscuits ranks among India’s most significant industries. These businesses have a sizable number of shops worldwide and provide a variety of biscuits with different ingredients. In India, the biscuit industry enjoys excellent profit margins and aims to increase profits by 2023.

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