Top 7 productivity tips for leaders


When you are running your own business; time is the most valued asset. You are in a constant struggle to manage multiple things or increase your productivity. But, the truth is that it develops over time & practice. If you are a business owner and cannot afford to diminish your productivity; we have listed the best practices for you that can help you out to increase your productivity:

Set goals on a daily basis: Setting your goal every day will help you identify the most important tasks that you can complete during the day and track your progress. Using a list like this will also help you to keep focused and take one thing at a time, rather than being juggling with lots of unsorted ideas or running from one thing to another trying to figure out how to spend your time.

Hire the best people: Rather than micro-managing and struggling to handle everything on your own; you should spend a good amount of time hiring the best talent for your company.

Don’t kill your time on emails: Utilize your time for more creative tasks rather than being stuck into email inbox. Set aside half to one hour to look at your emails twice a day. But don’t keep your invoice open, it distracts from other creative tasks.

Effective decision-making: For prioritizing, if you have multiple urgent things; use this simple, yet highly effective decision-making matrix and then plan your things accordingly.

Learn to Say No: When you are invited to multiple conferences, meetings & speaking engagements. Learn to refuse a few of the invitations. You will never have time to focus on what is really important if you are trying to chase many possible opportunities that seem fun, useful, or interesting.

Isolate yourself from distractions: Turn off notification of email, phone, Whatsapp, news, when you are working on anything important. Because when these pings occur in a moment of intense focus, they can seriously disrupt your focus

Plan your next day: The first thing before going to bed is to look at the next day or maybe the next two or three days on the calendar. Check the schedule; assess & plan the things priority wise and then finally create a framework for your day.

The above-mentioned points are the primary means by which you can set your productivity meter at the highest, and also maintain it. Because; many decisions start and end with you!

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