Collateralized Borrowings Report
Report Date: 7 September 2014
Reporting Units: INR Lacs

Basic Information
CIN<Company CIN>
Incorporation Date15 November 2007
Members Liability limitLimited to amount unpaid on shares
CategoryIndian Non-Government Company
TypePublic Company
IndustryAgriculture and Allied Activities
Listing StatusNot Listed

Contact Details
Address<Address of Registered Office>
Telephone<Telephone Number>
Email<Registered Email Address>
Website<Website Address - if any>

Auditor(s) Details
Auditor's Name <Auditor Firm Name>
Category <Auditors firm/Individual>
Auditor's Registration Number <Auditor Registration Number>
Signatory's Name <Name of Signing Partner>

Quick Look
Authorized Capital700.00
Paidup Capital691.50
Total Debt1,968.53
Fixed Assets1,685.78
Cash and Cash Equivalents33.15
Number of Shareholders9

Directors and Key Management Personnel
Current Directors/Key Management Personnel
NameAge (yrs.)Date of AppointmentDesignationProfileCategory
<Name of Director 1><Director's Age>6 January 2014Director appointed in casual vacancyNon-Executive DirectorIndependent
<Name of Director 2><Director's Age>30 April 2014Alternate directorNon-Executive DirectorProfessional

Previous Directors/Key Management Personnel
NameAge (yrs.)Last DesignationCategoryDate of AppointmentDate of CessationsReason For Leaving
<Former Director's Name> 62 DirectorProfessional11 November 20086 January 2014Resignation
<Former Director's Name> 65 Managing DirectorPromoter15 November 200710 October 2010Resignation

Directors Details
Director 1
Basic Details DIN/PAN<DIN>
Other Directorships DesignationCompany NameDate of Appointment
Director<Name of company in which director>11 February 2013
Director<Name of company in which director>11 February 2013

Director 2
Basic Details DIN/PAN<DIN>
Other Directorships DesignationCompany NameDate of Appointment
Whole-time Director<Name of company in which director>14 January 2012
Director<Name of company in which director>23 March 2010

Holding Structure

Capital Structure

As on last AGM (26 September 2013)

Equity Share Capital691.50
Preference Share Capital-

Equity Shareholding Pattern
As on last AGM (26 September 2013)
ParticularsPercentage of Shareholding
Government & Government Companies-
Public Financial Institutions & Banks-
Mutual Funds-
Venture Capital-
Foreign Holdings50.00
Other Bodies Corporates50.00
Directors & Their Relatives-
Other Top 50 Shareholders-

Funding Summary
DateType of IssueNo. of Shares IssuedFace ValuePremium/Discount Per ShareTotal Amount
Implied Valuation
of Company
24 February 2009Equity For Cash2960472100.0296.05 493.35
15 September 2009Equity For Cash1981512100.0198.15 691.50


Charge IDCharge AmountCharge HolderDate of Creation/Last ModificationPurpose
<Charge ID>2107.0<Name of Bank>23 January 2012Loan/Credit Line

Charge ID: <Charge ID>
Charge Essentials Charge Amount 1,407.00
Purpose Loan/Credit Line
Date of Creation 1 August 2009
Date of Latest Modification 23 January 2012
Charge Holder Details Name <Name of Bank>
Address <Address of bank>
Contact Details <Email address of bank>
Terms and ConditionsInterest Rate9.75%
Terms Of RepaymentAs per mutual understanding from time to time
Margin ProvidedAs per Deed of Hypothication attached
Property Particulars All that piece and parcel of the Industrial Land i.e. plot No.XYZ-000 admn 12600 sq. mts. along with the proposed construction adm.6734.83 sq. mts. situated within the limits of ABC Industrial area
Extent of Operation of ChargeFirst Charge on Plant and Machinery and other moveable assets of the project.
Other ConditionsNone Mentioned
Modification No. 1
Modification Essentials Modified Charge Amount 2107.0
Date of Modification 23 January 2012
Particulars of Modification Enhancement of credit limit from 14.07 crores to 21.07 crores by way of various credit facilities.
Modified Terms and Conditions Interest Rate 12.50% P.A
Terms Of Repayment As per mutual understanding from time to time
Margin Provided As per credit sanction intimation
Property Particulars All that piece and parcel of the Industrial Land i.e.plot No.XYZ-000 admn 12600 sq. mts. along with the proposed construction adm.6734.83 sq. mts. situated within the limits of ABC Industrial area
Extent of Operation of Charge First Charge on P&M and other moveable assets of the project and Factory land and building at XYZ-000, ABC Dist Pune. Negative lien on the assets of the company during the tenor of the loan. Hypothecation of inventory cum Book debt and all current asset. Extension of first charge on inventory cum Book debt/current asset of the company.
Other Conditions NA

Balance Sheet
Particulars31 March 201331 March 2013
Equity And Liabilities
Shareholders Funds
   Share Capital691.50691.50
   Reserves and Surplus*411.97411.97
   Money Received Against Share Warrants--
Share Application Money Pending Allotment--
Non-Current Liabilities
   Long Term Borrowings312.90312.90
   Deferred Tax Liabilities--
   Other Long Term Liabilities85.2385.23
   Long Term Provisions1.641.64
Current Liabilities
   Short Term Borrowings1,209.111,209.11
   Trade Payables1,397.261,397.26
   Other Current Liabilities361.29361.29
   Short Term Provisions4.004.00
Total Equity and Liabilities4,654.814,654.81
   Fixed Assets
      Tangible Assets#1,683.281,683.28
      Intangible Assets0.190.19
      Capital Work-in-Progress2.312.31
      Intangible Assets Under Development--
   Non-current Investments--
   Deferred Tax Assets--
   Long-term Loans And Advances77.4577.45
   Other Non-current Assets--
Current Assets
   Current Investments--
   Trade Receivables1,777.941,777.94
   Cash and Cash Equivalents33.1533.15
   Short-term Loans & Advances203.65203.65
   Other Current Assets--
Total Assets4,654.814,654.81
* Reserves and Surplus includes any amounts classified under the head Deferred Government Grants.
# Tangible assets and Capital work in progress respectively include Producing Properties and Pre-producing Properties, if any.


Current Year

Previous Year
Fixed AssetsInvestmentsOther Non-current AssetsInventoriesTrade ReceivablesCash & Cash EquivalentsOther Current Assets36.2%38.2%18.8%
1777.93948 (38.2%)

Current Year

Previous Year
Shareholders FundsLong-term DebtShort-term DebtTrade PayablesOther Liabilities24.7%31.2%35.1%
1397.25536 (31.2%)

Financial Ratios
31 March 201331 March 2013
Leverage Ratios
    Debt to Equity1.781.78
    Debt To Assets0.420.42
    Assets To Equity4.224.22
    Interest Coverage
Liquidity Ratios
    Quick Ratio0.680.68
    Current Ratio0.970.97

Financial Leverage Indicator

Current Year

Previous Year
Total DebtTotal Equity35.9%64.1%Total Debt0.640797815272 (64.1%)
0.359202184728 (35.9%)
35.9%64.1%Total Debt0.640797815272 (64.1%)
0.640797815272 (64.1%)
Working Capital Indicator

Current Year

Previous Year
Current AssetsCurrent Liabilities49.3%50.7%Current Liabilities0.506828585295 (50.7%)
0.506828585295 (50.7%)
0.493171414705 (49.3%)

For the purpose of creating charts and calculation of financial ratios, several items of the balance sheet and profit and loss (where available) have been grouped, for clearer presentation and ease of analysis. Details of the groupings are as follows:
  1. Shareholders Funds includes Share application money pending allotment in addition to share capital, reserves and surplus and money received against share warrants.
  2. Long-term Debt includes Long-term Borrowings and Other Long-term Liabilities.
  3. Short-term Debt includes Short-term Borrowings and Other Current Liabilities (i.e. usually current part of long term debt)
  4. Other Liabilities include Long-term Provisions, Short-term Provisions and Deferred Tax Liabilities
  5. Fixed Assets include Tangible Assets, Intangible Assets, Capital Work-in-Progress and Intangible Assets Under Development
  6. Investments includes only Non-current Investments
  7. Other Non-current Assets include Deferred Tax Assets, Long-term Loans and Advances and Other Non-current Assets
  8. Other Current Assets include Current Investments, Short-term Loans and Advances and Other Current Assets
  9. Cost of Goods Sold includes Cost of Materials Consumed, Purchases of Stock in Trade and Changes in Inventory

Financial Ratios have been calculated using the following formulas/assumptions:
  1. Debt: Sum of Long-term Debt and Short-term Debt
  2. Equity: Total Shareholders funds
  3. Assets: Total balance-sheet size
  4. Interest Coverage: Ratio of EBIT to Finance costs
  5. Capital Employed: Sum of fixed assets and working capital (total current assets less total current liabilities)
  6. Return on Capital Employed: Ratio to EBIT to Capital Employed
  7. Return on Fixed Assets, Equity: Ratio of Profit after tax to fixed assets and share holders funds respectively
  8. Current Ratio: Ratio of total current assets to total current liabilities
  9. Quick Ratio: Ratio of readily convertible current assets (i.e. current assets less inventories and other current assets) to current liabilities
  10. Gross Profit: Total Revenue from Operations less Cost of Goods
  11. Operating Profit: EBIT less Other Income
  12. Total Asset Turnover: Ratio of Total Revenue to Total Assets
  13. Fixed Asset Turnover: Ratio of Total Revenue from operations to Total Fixed Assets
  14. Days Receivables Outstanding: Average number of days for which receivables remain outstanding
  15. Days of Inventory: Average number of days of inventories available (measured by total cost of goods sold and inventories outstanding)
  • The balance sheet and profit and loss statements (where available) are presented as per the revised Schedule VI of the Indian Companies Act, 1956 (which is also Schedule III of the Indian Companies Act, 2013)
  • Once charges are filed by the company with the Registrar, it can take several days to appear in the records of the Registrar. Consequently, charges filed within the last few days may not appear in this report.
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