What’s with Tofler?

Tofler is a business research platform for companies. We aim to be a platform where you can know everything there is about a company.

We like to boast that if you can’t find a company on Tofler, odds are that it doesn’t exist. 

Although we endeavor to cover all companies in India, our particular focus is on unlisted (public and private) companies because of the lacuna in availability of information in this space.

Tofler was launched in early 2014 –  The journey has just started. We are right now capturing financial aspects of the company. But we intend to add more data sources and enhance the quality of information.

We have started this blog to keep you updated with the features that are being added to Tofler and share our experience on conducting research and due diligence. Feedback, opinions and comments are awaited and welcome.

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