MCA documents now available on Tofler @ INR 100

We launched Tofler with the aim of providing everything about a business at one place. This goal guides us in everything we do, and a little while ago we turned our attention to an important element of conducting business transactions – the ability to access official company documents easily.

And so today we’re excited to announce that all company documents filed with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, India are now available for purchase from Tofler at INR 100. This includes annual accounts, annual returns, incorporation documents, director appointments, loan documents, and more, all delivered direct to your inbox.

You will not have to deal with any session time outs, 3 hour time-limits, errors. Also, the document list of companies is organised as per their category which makes it easy to find documents you need. No subscriptions or contracts required – purchase documents as you need them.

Follow these steps to try it out:

1. Start by searching the company on Tofler. 

Search snapshot


2. Click on ‘ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS’ button on the company page.

Original docs snapshot 1

Check it out at



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